Success in trading needs investment in yourself, more than in markets.

A course by Ryan Littlestone
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Ryan Littlestone
Ryan LittlestoneManaging Director, trader and analyst at
His trading blends technicals and fundamentals to develop strategies for both short and long-term trading.

Risk management is his key priority for trading, as is trade management when in positions. He concentrates on trying to maximise winning trades so they run as far as possible, while making sure losing trades don’t.

Ryan has made every mistake every trader has made but the years of experience means those mistakes are less and less frequent, and this is what he wants to impart to other traders, be they new and inexperienced, or already on the path but have hit some roadblocks.

If you are struggling to make headway, or take that next step in trading, if you have a bad ratio of winners vs losers, or are struggling to understand the technical and fundamental aspect of trading, Ryan can tailor a range of sessions based on your needs, to help you progress as a trader.
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Coaching Curriculum
Trading Macro
  • Using macro news to identify future trends
  • Learning what data matters and when it matters
  • Understanding the markets view of the macro picture
  • Knowing about market sentiment
  • Best resources to use for learning about and trading macro
Technical Analysis
  • Why ‘Price Action’ is more important than technical analysis in the first instance
  • Reasons why technical analysis works
  • How to properly use technical analysis
  • When you should trade technical analysis, and when you should ignore it
  • How to trade multiple technical levels
Trading Psychology:
  • Learning to overcome emotion in trading
  • How to properly deal with big losses or a losing streak
  • Understanding your place in the market and what you have to do to become successful
  • When to listen, and when to close your ears off to other voices in the market
  • Overcoming trade size fear
  • Finding your best trading style
TRisk & Trade Management
  • The first, and most important, lesson in risk management
  • Learning how to plan trades properly, and when you should, or shouldn’t, change a trade plan
  • Why you can lose more trades than you win and still make money
  • Strategies to use to maximise profits and minimise losses
  • Knowing when and how to trade with the market, or against it
  • Truly understanding the art of using trading targets
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