If you are interested in learning how to detect my trending patterns, see me for 1 - 1 coaching on how to be in control.

A course by Leandro Andrada Conde
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Leandro Andrada CondeIndependent Professional FX Trader
Leandro's skills are focused entirely on risk-reward control, all developed with his particular way of seeing trending markets. He has been managing his own capital for more than 20 years. His risk management skills are what have given him the opportunity to trade all these years in the markets.

If you wish to receive advice from Leandro and are interested in learning how to detect trending chart patterns, with risk control, based on Fibonacci levels, he recommends at least two advice sessions. To learn more about “commercial” risk management, you may want to book at least two sessions (and possibly more) depending on your individual case.

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Coaching Curriculum
Trading strategies and techniques
  • Take your trading to the next level
  • My mentoring process in trading and psychotrading will give you all the necessary tools and knowledge to trade the markets safely and consistently
  • With my methods, you will operate and think like a professional
Improve your own strategy and learn all my trading technics, adapting search methods for opportunities to your needs.
  • Market analysis, trades correction, potential trades
  • Trend trading
  • Everything about risk control management
  • Professional trading mentor, key questions
  • Experience in the markets
  • How do you become a profitable trader
Buy 3 sessions of 1 hour and get $150 discount

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Do you have any questions about Leandro's trading coaching? Then reach out, he'd love to hear about your case and provide help.