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A course by Koen Vanderschrick
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Koen VanderschrickForeign Exchange Manager at Independent Forex Trader
Koen's skills range from extended fundamentals to markets psychology into basic technical short and long term trading setups.

Having been on both sides of the spectrum over my 40+ years career in major banks as a long time FX market maker to the biggest clients, an FX desk head and as a manager of my own and client funds thereafter, I have experience with every aspect of the market, every size or duration of positions and support of traders.

People interested in my coaching can range from beginnners to already experienced traders, adapted to the individual needs. The coverage will go from basic market fundamentals to in depth studies of economic situations, correlations, FX options if required, trade setups based on bias, timing. The in depth studying may require more than one session, to be discussed at the time of interest in my helping you on your path.
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Coaching Curriculum
  • Who’s who and does what in markets.
  • Global markets overview and evolution.
  • Data importance, how to find and use them.
  • Understanding central banks and other major trend drivers.
  • Developed and emerging markets study.
Psychology and profile
  • Building, defining who you are as a trader.
  • Prepare strategies depending on your type of trader, investor.
  • Build a solid risk management, discipline base.
  • Management of emotions, positive and negative.
Trading strategies and techniques
  • The A-Z of planning trades.
  • Short, medium, long term trade plans and techniques.
  • Correlations.
  • Building a trading book and how to manage it.
  • Basic techs and how I use them (TL, Fibs, Ichimoku..).
  • How to use flows, fixed time events (expiries, fixings..) to one’s advantage.
FX Options strategies (requires some experience)
  • What impacts pricing.
  • Greeks.
  • Strategies mainly based on FX, will look at other markets on request.
  • How I incorporate them into my global trading.
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