Are you interested in learning how to spot chart patterns, or to learn the art of Fibonacci analysis? This course is for you.

A course by Blake Morrow
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Blake’s skillsets range from technical analysis, mixed in with developing a macro theme for the markets to help drive his bias in the markets.

As a trader, Blake has managed his own capital, but larger amounts for private funds and individuals over the years. He is accustomed to adjusting size and risk based on account sizes and overall goals which have been set based on what was expected of him. Therefore, he has a lot of experience in dealing with a very wide range of “targets” of what he expects to achieve for himself and for when he is trading for others.

His risk management skills are what has afforded him the opportunities to trade for different funds and high net worth individuals in years past, and being able to recover after drawdowns and managing expectations when on a “streak” is invaluable knowledge that he likes to pass on to his students.

If you want to be coached by Blake and are interested in learning how to spot chart patterns, or to learn the art of Fibonacci analysis he recommends at least two or three coaching sessions. For more “risk management” and “trading psychology” you may want to book at least two sessions (and possibly more) based on your individual case.
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Coaching Curriculum
Technical Analysis:
  • Basic technical analysis – chart patterns and how to trade them.
    • Bullish patterns
    • Bearish patterns
  • Candlestick analysis and how to trade them. Which patterns are best?
  • Drawing trend lines – body vs wick debate
  • RSI and identifying divergences (trade application)
  • Trend Trading vs Countertrend trading. What is right for you?
Fibonacci Analysis:
  • What (and why) Fibonacci Analysis is key to a traders success
  • Fibonacci confluence/clustering and how to use it
  • Understanding extensions
  • Fibonacci fade trades and risk managing counter trend moves
Trading Psychology:
  • Dealing with drawdowns
    • How to avoid drawdowns
    • How to recover from drawdowns
  • Dealing with streaks
    • Winning
    • Losing
  • Realistic expectations
  • Trade Planning
  • Risk Management
    • Important of risk management
    • Risk/Reward targets. Targets vs reality
    • Importance of cutting losses quickly
Building a Trade Plan (Personalized):
  • Understanding your (student) trading capabilities and what could be a good trading plan based on you and what the market can/will be able to give you.
  • Focus on spot FX Trading
Buy 3 sessions of 1 hour and get $150 discount
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