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Andre CardosoGlobal Market Analyst
With over 12 years of experience as a seasoned financial market analyst, specializing in harmonic patterns, Fibonacci analysis, and reversal patterns, André is here to guide you on your journey to becoming a more proficient trader.

With a wealth of knowledge accumulated over years of dedicated practice and a track record of success, André brings a unique blend of expertise and practical insights to his coaching sessions.

His career highlights include:
  • 12 Years of Experience: André boasts a rich background in financial market analysis.
  • Specialized Expertise: His specialization lies in identifying market patterns, conducting Fibonacci analysis, and recognizing reversal harmonic patterns, all of which are crucial elements of technical analysis.
  • Dedicated Educator: André is passionate about sharing his expertise with other traders, helping them navigate the complexities of the market with confidence.
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Coaching Curriculum
Basic Concepts of Harmonic Patterns
  • Introduction to the harmonic patterns.
Practical Recognition of Patterns
  • Identification and practical interpretation of harmonic patterns.
In-depth Study of Harmonic Patterns
  • Advanced exploration of harmonic patterns and their practical application.
Advanced Strategies with RSI and/or MACD
  • Advanced strategies using RSI and MACD in conjunction with harmonic patterns.
Importance of Risk Management in Harmonic Trading
  • Fundamentals and practical application of risk management with a focus on harmonic patterns.
Practical Application Exercises
  • Practical application of risk management strategies in real scenarios.
Buy 3 sessions of 1 hour and get $150 discount

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